Greetings Fellow Alumni,
Our 57th homecoming celebration was a reflection of the words in our alma mater, a song which still evokes emotions as it is sung at the closing of our homecoming banquet.

It was that song that led to the sucessful placement of a monument on the old school grounds.. The monument is stately and eye-catching.  Since Homecoming 2015, many alumni and their families have stopped to admire the monument and to read the inscriptions on the bricks that surround the monument.  The first row of bricks that surround the monument were scavenged from the high school building on the campus prior to demolition in 1996.

We are continuing to provide an opportunity for alumni and their families to purchase a legacy brick as long as there is room.    We have uploaded a copy of the flyer for use in purchasing a brick.   There is space for several more rows around the monument and hope, in time, to completely cover the cement sub-base.
Other information pertaining to homecoming will also be posted on this  We will be updating information on a regular schedule. So, please log onto our site on a regular basis.
Thank you for your patience and hope to see you soon!
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Website is updated on a regular basis.
If you have news to share, please email      cmheath@gotricounty.com

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Membership Rosters                       
Belhaven Alumni Club
President:  Cynthia M. Heath                                        
Vice President:  Rydia M.  Spencer                    
Secretary:  Valery Fonville                                    
Assistant Secretary:  Barbara B. Swindell
Treasurer:  Wanda W. Wilkinson
Bertha G. Baker     
Beatrice C. Smith          
Velma D. Murray    
Donald O'Neal          
Jeffery Windley      
Lillie S. White              
Mary C. Bullock   
Joyce C. Johnson    
Willie Spencer
Dimple Oneal
Bobby Swindell
Onika Slade-Credle
Ricky Credle
Brenda Cherry
Rose Windley
Kimberly Manning
Delray Jennette
Sophia McCloud
Sandra Ward
Ashley Meeks
Betty Green


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Thurs., April 27, 2017
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Friday, May 11, 2018
7:00 PM Annual Banquet: 7:00 PM
Tickets: $30 - Purchase by April 25th to           
reserve a copy of the souvenir book and
to guarantee banquet accommodations;                                  

See any club member or mail monies to
C. M. Heath                                                            
P. O. Box 121                                                 
Belhaven, NC 27810
Boys & Girls Club on the former BHS campus
Tickets nonrefundable unless special circumstances arise.
Please do not  exchange tick-ets  without approval of the Club. As in previous years, a packet will be prepared and labelled with the name of the person  who purchased the ticket(s).  To avoid confusion, the packet cannot be picked up by any  other person with-out the approval of the Club before the Banquet.                               Your co-operation is appreciated.
Saturday, May 12, 2018
11:00 AM
Parade Begins PROMPTLY
Formation begins at 9:30 AM
Please contact  Brenda Cherry(943 - 8203) or any club member for additional info.
Parade formation begins on Railroad Street
All children must be in the supervision of an adult and must wear a helmet if riding on a bike, motorcycle, etc.  Your cooperation is appre-ciated.
11:00 AM  -
5:00 PM
Alumni Festival
Please contact  Delray Jennette(495 – 3258),  Valery Fonville (964 – 2080), Onika Credle (943 – 4765)   or any club member  for a registration form or for  additional info.
Old BHS School Grounds
225 West Pantego St.
Health Department regula-tions for food vendors apply.
Sunday, May 13, 2018
10: 00
Alumni Worship Service, 10: AM
The theme for Homecoming 2018, our 56th celebratory year is

Embracing the Past, Enhancing the Present and Envisioning the Future

Stay Connected
Updates for the celebration will be posted on Club's website on a regular basis.  Log on for updates.

WANTED a few more alumni, patrons and friends to purchase a memorial brick to comp-lete the square surrounding the Belhaven High School Monument which was dedicated during the 53rd homecoming celebration.  The first row of bricks surrounding the monument  con-sists of  bricks that were salvaged prior to dem-olition of the building housing grades 6 - 12.

Last year’s attendance at the banquet surpassed our expectations and the caterer was able to accommodate all of the guests.  However, to prevent this from happening this year, we will institute special plans so that those who have purchased tickets in ad-vance will be served first.  If you want to be  assured of a meal and a souvenir book, please purchase your banquet ticket by April 25th.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

No extra souvenir books will be available
during or after homecoming if not reserved in advance.

To purchase banquet tickets, see any club member or mail to C. Heath, PO Box 121, Belhaven, NC 27810.

55th Homecoming Celebration of the Belhaven General Alumni Association
May 12th – 14th, 2017
Order Form(Optional)
Name:                                                                                       Class Year___________



All items will be available for pickup at banquet.  If purchased by mail, a receipt will be mailed. Items may be purchased at the door as available.
Description of Items # Purchased Cost per Item Total Cost
Banquet Ticket(s) which guarantees a  complimen-tary     copy of the Alumni Bulletin if purchased by April 25, 2018 and an opportunity to win a door prize.
Alumni Bulletin (extra copy)...due by                April 25, 2017   $20 per book  
Ad for Alumni Bulletin
Please include the layout and other information  for your  ad.   All pictures will be scanned and returned.
Pricing listed is for black & white; color is double the price listed.
Monies due by April 20, 2018.
  quarter page:
$30, B & W
$60 color
  half page:
$40, B & W
$80 color
  full page:
$50, B & W
$100 color
Business Card:                           $20, B & W
$40 color
Vendor Space on School Grounds
Please contact  Delray Jennette(495 – 3258),  Valery Fonville (964 – 2080), Onika Credle (943 – 4765)   or any club member  for a registration form or for  additional info.
  Class Reunions  $20  
Food Vendors  $35
Nonfood Vendors  $30
Brick for Monument, due by April 1st, 2018   $50 per single brick
$100 per double brick
Donation (tax deductible, receipt will be provided)      
  Total Amount Enclosed_______________________
                                                                                                                                                                                     Checks or money orders payable to the Belhaven Alumni Club;  Monies may be collected by any member of the Belhaven  Club or Mailed  to  Cynthia M. Heath,   P.O. Box 121, Belhaven, NC 27810.  Receipts will be issued.

Posted Tues., January 17, 2017
Updated Sun., Jan. 29, 2017
Updated Fri., Feb. 16, 2018

To rent canopies, tables and chairs, contact
Grand Rental Station                                                        
6195 Hwy 264 West                                                            
Washington, NC                                                               
252 - 974 - 1030
To reserve banquet tables, please purchase at least 6 tickets by April 25, 2018.   To guarantee a souvenir book, please purchase by April 25, 2018.  If you purchase a banquet ticket by April 25th, you will automatically receive a souvenir book.
To purchase tickets, see any club member or mail to C. Heath.

Posted Mon., Jan. 18, 2016
Updated Sun., Jan. 29, 2017
Updated Fri., Feb. 16, 2018

Please complete and return by March 30, 2018 for installation prior to homecoming.

Customer Name:  _________________________________


Phone: _______________________________________

Inscription for brick:
Line 1                              
Line 2                              
Line 3                              

18 letters per line including spaces (up to 3 lines)

Please make checks payable and mail to:
Belhaven Alumni Club
P.O. Box 121
Belhaven, NC 27810

If you purchase a double brick, there will be six lines for imprinting.  The cost of a double brick is $100.

Posted Thurs., May 21, 2014
Updated Mon., Jan. 18, 2016
Updated Fri., Feb. 16, 2018

The Belhaven Alumni Club is still offering memorial bricks to memorialize and/or honor Belhaven High School alumni, teachers and patrons again this year .  The unveiling of this memorial took place May 9, 2015 on the grounds where the former Belhaven High School and later the Belhaven Elementary School stood.  The monument is stately and regal.  Many alumni and their families have stopped to inspect the monument and to locate their brick.  We have some space remaining and hope to eventually cover the entire cement sub-base with legacy bricks.
The first row of bricks that encircle the monument were scavenged from the high school building as it was being demolished in 1997.

Bricks may be purchased by completing the form accompanying this information and sending the form and $50.00 for each brick to the address below.   A double brick can be purchased for $100 and will contain 6 lines.  Donations will also be accepted and will be acknowledged.    All purchases must be made by March 30th if they are to be installed by homecoming 2018.

Questions about the program may be addressed to any member of the Belhaven Alumni Club.

Posted Sat., Nov. 26, 2016
Updated Feb. 16, 2018
Text Box: Solicitation of ads for the souvenir bulletin has begun! 
whole page - $50 b & w, $100 color;          	half page - $40 b & w, $80 color;  	                     quarter page - $30 b & w, $60 color;              business card - $20;                                	
If you are interested in purchasing  space  for a congratulatory, memorial or business ad,  please complete the form below.


Mailing Address:____________________________________________________

Email Address:______________________________________________________

Phone Number:______________________________________________________

Size of ad:__________________________________________________________

Please provide a sketch your ad.  If you have a logo  or artwork, please attach.  All photos will be scanned and returned.

Make check payable to 
Belhaven Alumni Club and mail to
 Cynthia Heath
 P. O. Box 121
Belhaven, NC 27810 by April  10, 2016 for inclusion in the souvenir bulletin.  

Thanks for your support!
56th Belhaven Homecoming Celebration
May 11 – 13, 2018

Vendor Registration Form & Fees
Location:  225 West Pantego Street
        Belhaven, NC 27810
Ø  All vendor fees are non-refundable. 
Ø  Absolutely no unattended vehicles may be left on the festival grounds the night before the festival.
Ø  Vendor Registration Forms must be returned by April 30, 2018. 
Ø  You must provide your own tent, tables etc.
Ø  Set-up will begin @ 7:00 am on May 12, 2018.
Ø  Please provide a detailed description of your booth items on the form.
Ø  Vendors will have from 5-7 p.m. to pack-up.  All vendors must be off festival grounds by 8 p.m.  Each area will be inspected for trash.
Ø  Each vendor is responsible for leaving the vendor area in the condition that it was originally received, i.e. removal of all debris such as boxes and trash.  
Ø  The Belhaven Alumni Club is not liable for any accidents.

Last Name:      _____________________  First Name: ______________________ MI:  ___


Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________     State:  _______    Zip Code:   _________


Telephone (              )   _________________________

Vendor Spaces of 20' x 20'are available as follows:
  $35 for food vendors                                              $30 for all other vendors
  $20 for class reunions (no sales)

Mail application and monies to Valery Fonville, P. O. Box 41, Belhaven, NC 27810. 
Make checks payable to the Belhaven Alumni Club.
Additional information: 
*Vendor Status:    Profit                                           Non-profit   (must be completed)
For further information or application, please contact the following:
 Valery Fonville(964 – 2080 or  Delray Jennette(405 – 3258)  or  Onika Credle (943 – 4765)
Each person is responsible for contacting Grand Rental Station @ 252-974-1030 to rent tables, tents, chairs.
Health Department regulations for food vendors apply.

Posted Fri., Feb.16, 2018

Contact Info for Vendors for Commercial Floats

Mark Harris
Cell:    919-410-5543
Home: 919-528-1763
Email:  trianglefloat@yahoo.com
Cost: $700

Triangle Float Co.
3006 Hwy 96
Franklinton, NC 27525
Phone: 919 528 2076
Cost:  Unknown at this time

Clyde Naylor at (252)717 - 3556                                                                          
Cost:  $400(slight increase)


Anyone desiring a commercial float should contact either of the three vendors listed above.

Posted Sat., Feb. 8, 2014
Updated Sat., Feb. 15, 2014



No hotel rooms have been blocked for this year's celebration.
If you are in need of housing, the following hotels are located in Washington and may have vacancies:
Days Inn............................(252)946-4141
Hampton Inn.....................(252)940-4556
Quality Inn.........................(252)946-5500
Washington Motel..............(252)946-5161
Several of the hotels listed above will provide discounts if you are a government employee  or member of AARP.

In previous years, some homeowners rented accomodations for the week-end.  We will post information as it becomes available.

Posted Thurs., April 11, 2013
Updated Fri., Feb. 21, 2014
It's About Time
In March of 1946, a small contingent of concerned citizens from Belhaven's Black com-munity appeared before the Beaufort County Board of Education requesting the establishment of a high school in Belhaven as there were enough students to warrant their request.  Their request was granted and not only was this a landmark decision but it was also the year in which completion of an additional year(grade 12) became a requirement for graduation from the Beaufort County Schools.
Belhaven High School opened its doors in the Fall of 1946 and remained opened until Sep-tember 1968. During its' existence, students and alumni became highly successful and respectable citizens throughout the country winning many accolades.  The Belhaven School District for Black students was expanded in the mid- thirties to encompass the students residing in the Leech-ville, Winsteadville, Sidney and Haslin neigh-borhoods.  The district was expanded again  in the mid-fifties to absorb Black students living in the Bath School District.
 Labor Day 2014 will commemorate 46 years since the doors of Belhaven High School closed due to a federal injunction requiring the dis-mantling of the  dual school system in Beaufort County, North Carolina.  The Board of Educa-tion complied immediately resulting in the renaming and realignment of schools and the transfer of students and teachers throughout the System.
Thus, the 1968 - 1969 school year began with the former Belhaven High School campus and buildings designated as Belhaven Elementary School housing grades 1 - 6.  Students and teachers of grades 7 - 12 were reassigned to John A. Wilkinson High School.
Since that time, BHS alumni and families have preserved the legacy of Belhaven High School as we have continued to gather annually in May for homecoming celebrations. What an accom-plishment though Belhaven High School exists only as a memory preserved in the minds and hearts of its former students, surviving teachers and patrons and as pictures in the archives maintained by the Belhaven Alumni Club!
Each year as former students of BHS blend their voices in singing the school song, they are flooded with memories of high school days gliding swiftly by and of  our strong bonds formed that shall never be broken.
Progress on activities surrounding the historical monument along with plans for Homecoming 2015 will be uploaded on  the Club's website  on a regular basis.  Keep checking us out!      

Posted Mon., Sept. 1, 2014    
Reminder - Deadline to purchase a brick is March 30, 2018.

Thanks to all who have purchased a brick or donated funds for the monument which was unveiled during Homecoming 2015.

A special plea to alumni scholars who are no longer attending school and their families are asked to make a special donation toward preserving the legacy of Belhaven High School. 

Bricks may be purchased in honor of a living person or in memory of a deceased person who is a former student, staff member, teacher or administrator of the former Belhaven High School.  If you are the descendant of one of the following, we invite you to purchase a brick or donate to the purchase of the monument.

Please mark your calendars and make plans to join us for another historic celebration.  You don't want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Posted Sun., Nov. 16, 2014
Updated Mon., Jan. 18, 2016/June 9, 2016
Updated Fri., Feb. 16, 2018

BHS Monument
BHS Monument
A view of the tile atop the monument
A view of the tile atop the monument
The monument surrounded by imprinted bricks.  Project funded by alumni and patrons of the former Belhaven High School
The monument surrounded by imprinted bricks. Project funded by alumni and patrons of the former Belhaven High School
Calling All Members of the BHS Class of 1968
Plans are made to celebrate the golden anniversary of the graduation of this class, the last to graduate from the former Belhaven High School.

Organizers are attempting to locate all members of this class - those who graduated as well as those who left BHS prior to graduation.  Activities are being planned for Homecoming 2016 during which planning will begin for their golden anniversary in 2018.

Letters and emails have been sent to those classmates for whom the organizers have contact information. 

A special plea is made
to start their golden anniversary celebration by gathering at the banquet on Friday night May 6, 2016 and then plan for something special for "THEIR" Saturday event(May 7, 2016)  with as many classmates as possible in attendance as in previous years.

Also, based on how late in the planning process for this year there are no plans  to do anything expensive. It's about seeing each other, spending time together and just plain laughing together.   The cost right now would be to rent a space, the tent (the cost which will depends of how many   will be participating,  class donation to Alumni Club's scholarship fund , and chip in for some chicken. Based on what previous cost and what was asked before, a donation of $50 is suggested. Organizers would like to have funds in before Homecoming  to make the necessary preparations.  Any monies  collected will be receipted and a full accounting of how money was spent will be given to everyone. And any funds left over would go into the account for next year.   Again, the reason for Homecoming and that is for the gathering of friends and friends that we know.

Please contact anyone from our class that you may know and inform them about this GATHERING .

Please contact or respond with any information or suggestions to any of the following people:
  • Janice (Clarke) White – 2300 Yow Rd., Greensboro, NC 27407 -p. (336-854-2945)
  • Gwen (Whitaker) Harkley –4828 NC Hwy 11 North - Bethel, NC 27812 - c. (252-714-5510) or harkleyadw68@aol.com
  • Donna (Windley) Mackey– 4884 NC Hwy 99S – Belhaven, NC 27810 – p. (225-943-4500) or dwmackey@gotricounty.com
  • Charlotte (Ward) Forjoe –3200 Moonlight Way, Unit 309 - Greenville, NC 27834 - c. (252) 944-3116  or forjoecw309@gmail.com

Posted Fri., Feb. 5, 2016

Due to the large number of email errors that I have continued to receive, updates will not be emailed to individuals unless you have verified that your email account is current.  

The last few emails that have been sent to alumni and patrons on our list mail have been returned stating that the address is not correct.  If you would like to remain or be added to our list, please send an occasional email with your correct or preferred address.

Thank you for your interest but it is time-consuming to "search" for the incorrect address.


The Dates:  May 11 - 13, 2018

The Event:  56th Homecoming Celebration

The Guests:  former BHS students and their families, guests and descendants;  former JAW students(1968 - 1989), survivng teachers and NHS former students



Please check our website for details about each event during the Celebration.


If you are planning to attend the banquet, please purchase your ticket by April 25th to guarantee a copy of the souvenir book.  We will have a limited number of copies printed due to printing costs.  If you do not purchase in advance, we cannot guarantee a book but the early bird gets the worm.  However, we are asking that you purchase your ticket ASAP prior to the banquet.


We are on our way to the printers by April 23.  If you are planning to purchase an ad, please do so by April 20th.


We have also compiled an order for additional bricks to be placed around the monument.  If you are purchasing a brick, please do so by  as we will email our order on April 1st to guarantee return and installation before homecoming.


Please join us and if you cannot, please say a prayer for the success of the celebration.


We are also asking that you help us to spread the word about our 56th Celebration.


Thanks for all you to do!

Posted Sat., April 2, 2016
Updated Sun., Jan. 29, 2017
Updated Fri., Feb. 16, 2018
In search of a vendor for professional floats -
Clyde Naylor

Posted Fri., April 8, 2016

Banquet Tickets are available for purchase.  The price, $30 if purchased by April 25th, will increase to $35 if purchased after April 25th.

Solicitations for the purchase of ad space in our souvenir journal is in progress.  See any member to purchase or mail money and information to be included in the ad to cmheath@gotricounty.com.   Deadline is April 20th.

Vendor space is also available for rent during the Alumni Festival.   See contact information on this page and other information.

Hope to see you in a few weeks.

Posted Fri., April 6, 2018

The cost for banquet tickets will increase from $30 to $35 if not purchased by April 24th.

See any member to purchase.

Posted Sat., April 14, 2018
Banquet Tickets are still available for purchase and are now $35 per ticket.  Please purchase ASAP to guarantee a complimentary copy of the souvenir book and to assist with a headcount for the caterer.

Looking forward to seeing you May 11 - 13, 2018.
 A very limited number of tickets are still available for the banquet.  See any member to purchase.  We will be placing the order for our souvenir books this week and submitting a headcount to the caterer by the end of the week.

Posted Sat, April 28, 2018