Mrs. Louise Speller Jennette, Founder
Mrs. Louise Speller Jennette, Founder
The vision of an organization pledged to serious endeavors and community service representing Belhaven High School was conceived by the late Mrs. Louise S. Jennette. So, in the fall of 1962, she beckoned a small but enthusiastic group of alumni to sow the seeds of what was to be become the Belhaven High School Alumni Club.

The late David Alexander Jr. was elected President; Willie B. Ambrose, secretary; Bertha G. Baker,treasurer and Peelege Greene Jr,Sgt - at -Arms. Others who attended that meeting were Elmer and Letha Windley and Edith Farrow.

Others who soon joined were Lillie M. Holloway who was elected vice president, Ivia Burgess Davis, Velma Murray, Alma M. Whitaker, Minnie Greene, J.C. and Shirley Spencer, Beatrice C. Smith, Frank Ambrose Jr, George Ebron, Sally Smith, Helen Dudley Burrus, Mable Everette, Helen jackson and others.

Members decided to sponsor an annual homecoming celebration coinciding with Mother's Day.  Activities would begin on Friday with a parade and a banquet and continue on Saturday with a dance. The celebration was expanded in later years to include worship services and alumni basketball games. The parade was later rescheduled for Saturday morning.

Members also decided to present its first annual gift to Belhaven High School and a scholarship of fifty dollars ($50.) to Frances Chadwick, Class of '63. In 1971, members voted to use the name Alumni  Award rather then Scholarship which is presented annually, funded by alumni gifts. The current award is in the amount of five hundred dollars ($500).

Bertha Baker, Beatrice C. Smith, A. Marie Whitaker and Velma Murray are the only members who have retained active membership status in the Club since its formative years. Until her health declined, the late Louise S. Jennette served as a guiding force. The late Myrtle Topping and the late George Davis also served faithfully until their health declined.

The Club has been guided over the years by the Late David Alexander Jr. (1962-68), Mrs. Lillie M. Holloway (1968-1973) and Ms. Cynthia M. Heath (serving since 1973).

Other serving as officers  are Rydia M. Spencer, Vice President; Valery Fonville,secretary; Barbara B. Swindell, Assistant Secretary and Bobby Swindell, treasurer. Other members are Beatrice C. Smith,  Velma Murray, John Clark, Bertha G. Baker(founding member),  Jeffrey Windley and Donald Oneal.

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         Mr David Alexander,              Founding President, 1962 - 1968
Mr David Alexander, Founding President, 1962 - 1968
        Mrs Lillie Holloway,  VP (1962 - 1968), President(1968 - 1973)
Mrs Lillie Holloway, VP (1962 - 1968), President(1968 - 1973)
Top Row;  Cynthia M. Heath, President & Alma Davis  Whitaker, Vice President
Middle Row:  Dimple Jackson  Oneal, Secretary, Bertha Greene Baker, Treasurer & Peggie Oneal Williams, Assistant Secretary
Bottom Row:  Velma Davis Murray & Beatrice Chesson Smith
Not pictured:  Emma Howard, Evangelist Wilhemania Smith Hawks & John Clark, Web Master
Belhaven Alumni Club Members gather after Alumni Worship Service 2011 at the First Baptist Church

Front Row: L-R- Martha O. Ormond, Barbara B. Swindell, Valery Fonville, Bertha G. Baker, Cynthia M. Heath and Velma D. Murray

Back Row: L-R - Donald Oneal, Jeffery Windley, Bobby Swindell, Rydia M. Spencer and Rebecca S. White

Not pictured:  Dimple J. Oneal
A photo of club members taken in the seventies.
A photo of club members taken in the seventies.

Members of the Belhaven Alumni Club following the Golden Anniversary Worship Service on Sunday, May 13, 2012.

Front: L - R -  Donald Oneal, Bertha Baker, Valery Fonville, Velma Murray(sitting), Barbara Swindell, Beatrice Smith and Cynthia Heath

Back: L - R - Jeff Windley, Lillie White and Bobby Swindell

Not Pictured:  Rydia Spencer