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1.  In what year did the first senior class graduate from Belhaven High School? 

2.  Who was the senior class advisor for the first senior class at Belhaven High School?

3.  Who served as the first principal at Belhaven High School?

4.  Who was president of the first senior class at Belhaven High School?

5.  In what year did Belhaven High School cease to exist?

6.  Who served as the last principal at Belhaven High School?

7.  Which class was the first to sing the "Alma Mater" during the graduation exercise?

Answers below:
1.  The Class of 1947 was the first class to graduate.  The students in this class were scheduled to have graduated in 1946 after completing the eleventh grade.  They did not graduate in the Spring of 1946 as the twelfth grade was added as a requirement for graduation.  

2.  Mrs. Annie K. Davis was the first senior class advisor.    

3.  Greene T. Swinson Jr was the first principal of Belhaven High School.     

4.  Mrs. Mary Jane Mann was president of the Class of 1947, the first class to graduate from Belhaven High School.

5.  Belhaven High School ceased to exist during Labor Day Week-end in 1968 due to a court ordered desegregation of the schools in Beaufort County.  It was reorganized as Belhaven Elementary School housing grades K - 6 andstudents in grades 7 - 12 were reassigned to John A. Wilkinson High School.  Mr. R. P. Carr remained as principal of the Elementary School.

6.  Richmond P. Carr was the last principal at Belhaven High School.  When BHS was reorganized as an elementary school, Mr. Carr remained as principal.

7.  The Class of 1955 was the first class to sing the Alma Mater during the commencement exercises.

Posted July4, 2006

8.  Which alumnus is the namesake of the Industrial Park in Belhaven?

9.  Which alumna served as the Interim Chief of Police for the Town of Belhaven?

10.  Which alumnus served as the Chief of the Fire Department in Belhaven?

11.  Who was the first Afro-American to hold an elected office in the Town of Belhaven?

Answers posted below:

  8.  George Ebron Jr, Class of 1948
  9.  Larraine Martin Mackey, Class of 1966
10.Golet Holloway Sr, Class of 1966

11.Frank Ambrose Jr, Class of 1952

Posted Sun., July 9, 2006

12.  Who were the two BHS alumni to serve in the Peace Corps?

13.  Who are the alumnae who were commissioned officers in the US Air Force?

Answers posted below:

12.  Vincent Spencer, Class of 1962
        Charlotte Ward Forjoe, Class of 1968

13.  Johnsie Whitfield Cogman, Class of 1969, JAW,  was
       commissioned as a second Lt.  upon graduation from 
        UNC -CH  with a degree in music.
        She is now an ordained minister and will complete 
        graduate  studies in  Theology at Howard University in 
        May 2007.

        She also delivered the message at the 2006 Alumni 
        Worship Service.

        Carla Boyette, Class of 1982, is a major in the US Air Force.

Posted Thurs., July 20, 006

14.  Who was the founding president of the belhaven Alumni Club?

15.  Name the alumni who have served as president of the New York chapter of the Belhaven Alumni Club.

16.  Who has served as treasurer of the Belhaven Alumni Club since its' inception?

Answers posted below:
14.  David Alexander, Class of  1952 served as the founding 
       president of the Belhaven Alumni Club, 1962 - 1968

15.  Chapell Topping and William Hogan('66) served as
       presidents of the New Chapter of the Belhaven Alumni Club.

16. Bertha Greene Baker, '54 has served as treasurer of the
      Belhaven Alumni Club since it was founded in 1962.

Posted Sun., Aug. 6, 2006

17.  Who are the alumnae who have served in the US military?

Answer posted below:
17.  The following alumnae have served in the US military:
Annie Freeman, Class of 1961, Navy
Johnsie Whitfield, Class of 1979, Air Force
Felecia Clayton, Class of 1971, Army
Lucretia Smallwood, Class of 1971, Army
Rydia Moore, Class of 1972, National Guard(still serving)
Shannon Midgette, Class of 1989, Army
Kimberly Green, Class of 1998, Navy(still serving)
Vernalette Smith, Class of 1982, Army

Posted, Sat. Aug. 19, 2006

18.  Who served as editors of the years published at Belhaven High School?

19.  Who was the first Afro-American police officer in the Town of Belhaven?

Answers posted below:
18.   The 3 yearbooks published during the existence of Belhaven High School were as follows - 
1952 – Frank Ambrose 
1953 – Hubert Davis
1964 - Cynthia Heath

19.  Harvey Skinner, Class of 1960 was the first Afro-American police officer for the Town of Belhaven.
Other alumni who became police officers were Willie Oneal, Class of 1960 who served as assistant chief of the police department and Larraine Martin Mackey who retired as a sergeant in the department.  At one time, she briefly served as interim chief of the department.

Posted Tues., Aug. 28, 2006

20.  In 1999, the Town of Belhaven hosted its' centennial celebration.  Name the alumnae who coordinated this celebration.

Answer posted below:

20.   Lillie White
, ‘52
Alma Whitaker, 48
     Cynthia Heath, 64
     Carolyn Satchell,  '71

Posted. Sat., Sept. 17, 2006

21.  Name the alumni who achieved the highest military rank in the following branches - Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force.

Answer posted below:

21.  Army......................Colonel Willie Davis, Class of '49
        Navy.....................NCCS Darriel Barrow, Class of '76
        Marine Corp..........Sgt. Major Frank Eborn, Class of '55
        Air Force...............Major Henry  Irvin, Class of '63
                                           Major Carla Boyette, Class of '82

Posted Mon., Oct. 3, 2006

22.  Which class  was the first class  to attend Belhaven High School for the entire four years of high school?

23. Which day was observed as dress up day during the school week?

24.  Who were the administrative assistants at Belhaven High School?

Answers below
22.  The high school department was added in 1946 and the first class
        to attend all 4 years was the Class of 1950.

23.  Friday was dress up day at Belhaven High School.  It was 
       sponsored by the Student Council.  Mr. Leon P. Williams was 
       the advisor for the group.

24.  The adminstrative assistants were Miss Ludie Ebron*, Miss Gracie Burrus*, Mrs. Lillian Williams, Mrs. Hilda Holloway and the late Mrs. Ijean Arthur Spencer*. 


Posted Thurs., Oct. 26, 2006

      25.   In what year did the first desegrated class graduate?
26.   In what year did the last class graduate from John A.
        Wilkinson High School?
27.   In what year did the first class graduate from Northside
        High School?

Answers posted below:
25.  The Beaufort County School System was desegregated by
       court order during the Labor Day Week-end in 1968 and
       the first desegregated class graduated in 1969 from John 
       A. Wilkinson High School.   Belhaven High School was 
       merged with Wilkinson and the school site was redesignated 
       as Belhaven Elementary School.  Mr. R. P. Carr who was
       principal of Belhaven High School became the principal
       of  the Belhaven Elementary School and remained there 
       until his retirement.  

26. The last class to graduate from JAW was the Class of 1989.

27. The first class to graduate from Northside High School was
      the Class of 1990.  Northside was formed as a result of the
      merger of Wilkinson and Bath High Schools.

Posted Fri., Nov. 25, 2006

28.  What were the school mascots?

29.  Reliable sources have revealed that the Belhaven High School mascot was killed by a student circa 1959.  Who was that student?

Answers below.

28.  The school mascots were as follows -
          Belhaven High School - Bobcat
          John A. Wilkinson High School - Bulldog
          Northside High School - Panther

29.  Ronald Clark, BHS Class of 1964 has admitted to accepting an offer of $10 to kill a bocat.  He successfully hunted and killed a bobcat near his home in the Leechville committee.  Being resourceful, he carried the animal's skin to school and Mr. David Henderson carried it to a taxidermist in Washington and had it stuffed.    The stuffed animal was eventually placed near the front entrance of the high school building and greeted visitors for many years.  According to Mr. Henderson, the stuffed animal remained at the school after it was reassigned as the Elementary School.

Posted Tues., Nov. 28, 2007

30.  Where were the basketball games played at Belhaven High School?

BHS did have a gymtorium.  That is, the seats in the auditorium were removed for games.  The school was severely damaged by fire during the 1952 - 53 school year and the gymtorium was not rebuilt.  After that time, all games were played outdoors as they were at most of the schools with which BHS competed.   PS Jones was probably the only school with a gym at that time.  
Other schools that BHS competed were S W Snowden(Aurora), O A Paey(Swan Quarter), Beaufort County HS(Pantego) and Palmer Lee.

(If you know of any others, please send us an email and we'll add their names.)

Posted Fri., Dec. 8, 2006
31.  Who was the first alumna to enlist in the Armed Forces?

Posted  Wed., Dec. 13, 2006

Annie "Pinkie" Freeman, a member of the BHS Class of 1961,  was the first alumna to enlist in the Armed Forces.  She enlisted in the United States Navy.  
The next alumna to enlist was Mary Brimmage, a member of the Class of 1963.

32. Who was the first  first Homecoming Queen?

33.  Who was the first Secretary for the Belhaven Alumni Club?

34.  Who was the first Educational Coordinator for Belhaven Junior Alumni?

Answers posted below:

32.  The first homecoming queen was Mrs. 
       Minnie Green.

33.  The first secretary of the Belhaven 
       Alumni Club was Mrs. Willie B. Ambrose,
       a member of the class of 1951.

34.  Mrs. Wanda W. Wilkinson served as the 
       first Educational Coordinator which ex-
       panded the Junior Alumni program to 
       students enrolled in Junior High School.

Posted Thurs., Jan. 4, 2007

35.  Who is the alumna who is serving as the regional director of 
        alumni affairs for Elizabeth City State University?

     Kareen Dawson Windley, Class of 1959 has served in this capacity
     for six years.  Her term of office is 7 years.  Way to go!!!!

Posted Tues., Jan. 9, 2007

36.  Who were the alumni who became    
   Commercial Fisherman, owners and   
   captains of their own boat?

37.  Who was the alumnus who became a
       martial arts expert?

36.  Mike Holloway, Class of 1951, and
       Chester Holloway, Class of 1958
       (Both are deceased.)

37.  Willie Lee O'neal, Class of 1960

Posted Wed., Jan. 31, 2007

38.  Who was the alumna who became a 
       college queen?

  During the 1964 - 65 academic school 
  year, Miss Allegray Wilder, BHS Class      
  of 1961,served as Miss A & T (A & T 
  State College, Greensboro, NC, as it 
  was  known at that time).

Posted Wed., Jan. 31, 2007

39.    Who is the alumnus whose name is engraved on the 
   Viet Nam War Memorial in Washington, D.C?
40.  What was the most common last name of 
       the graduates of BHS?

answers below

39.   Patrick Coviel's name is engraved on the 
       Viet Nam War Memorial.  However, his
       name is listed as Patrick Cole.  He began 
       his formal education in Belhaven.

           After the death of his parents, he went to 
           live with an aunt in NY where he enlisted 
           in the US Army. 

           His  brother, Johnny Mann, was adopted by
           another aunt, Mary Jane Mann, and her 
           husband, Harvey.

40.  The most common name was Spencer.          
   1963  Spencer, Arthina    

1962   Spencer, Barbara      

1949   Spencer, Doris  B.

1950   Spencer, Dorothy     

1950   Spencer, Ella

1959   Spencer, Elouise    

1951   Spencer, Evans        

1950   Spencer, Gracie       

1954   Spencer, James C.

1963   Spencer, James Earl

1967   Spencer, John T.*

1960   Spencer, Leamon    

1952   Spencer, Lillie Rebecca

1947   Spencer, Mary Elizabeth

1961   Spencer, Mary*

1968   Spencer, Millie        

1968   Spencer, Peggy       

1953   Spencer, Samuel      

1962   Spencer, Vincent Lowell

1956   Spencer, Wilbert      

1958   Spencer, WillieRay

        1967   Spencer  , Zachariah

Posted Mon., Feb. 5, 2007

      41.  Who was the alumna who was president and   
        salutatorian of her class?

42.   Which alumna was Miss Ebony?

43.  Who is the alumna who earned a pink cadillac
      as a Mary Kay Cosmetics Associate?

44.  Who was the flamboyant drum major for 
       Belhaven High School?

45.  What was the least common last name for
       BHS alumni?

Answers below.

41.  Shana Greene Gorham, JAW Class of 1984

42.  Miss Ebony was Daphne Carter, JAW Class of 

43.  Rev. Johnsie Whitfield Cogman, JAW Class of
44.  James Chesson, BHS Class of 1962.
45.  Henry Irwin Jr, BHS Class of 1963.

Posted Sun., Feb. 18, 2007

46. In which county is Belhaven located?


47.  What is the name of the oldest Town in NC and where is it located?


48.  What is the county seat for Beaufort County?

answers below

46.  Belhaven is located in the northeastern section of Beaufort

47.  The oldest town in North Carolina is Bath, the home of the
       pirate Blackbeard.  Bath is located approximately 14 miles
       west of Belhaven.

48.  The county seat for Beaufort County is Washington, NC.
      which is approximately 28 miles west of Belhaven.

Posted Wed., Feb. 28, 2007

49.      Who were the first students to transfer from Belhaven High School to John A. Wilkinson High School under the “Freedom of Choice Act”?         


50.    What is the tune of the alma mater for BHS?    


51.      In which Church would you find an organ that is more than 100 years old?  

Answers posted below.

49.       Michael Stanley, Class of 1968,  Dimple Freeman Sadler and James Lee Cox, Class of 1968


50.    The tune is the fighting song for UNC-CH 


51.       St. Mary’s Episcopal Church on the corner of Pantego and Washington Streets.

Posted Wed., April 4, 2007

52.     Do you recognize the following Nicknames”

    Bo-Pete –                   
Bite-Bite –

    Little Eva –                     
    Dee Dee –

    Buddy –

    Bunk –

    Pie –


   JC –                              
Tiggie – 

   Butch –

   Noonie –

   Tip –

   Crook –



Bo-Pete – Samuel Midgette, ‘62
Bite-Bite – Jonathan Pledger Jr, ‘62*

Little Eva – Eva Boyd, ‘61*

Dee Dee – Dallas Peartree

 Buddy – Johnny Heath, ’65

              Elmer Windley

              Earl Greene, ’68

              Glenwood Greene

              Edward Freeman*
              Johnnie R. Credle, '64

 Bunk – Johnnie Clark Jr, ’58

             Willie Gibbs, ‘60*

 Pie – Lisbon Satterthwaite,’58;

         Johnnie Clark Jr, ’63

         Marvin Clark, ‘73

         Dolly  Topping, ‘73

BJ – James Earl Oneal, ‘70

JC – James C. Spencer, ’54

        James Clark, ‘73

Tiggie – Rena Crandall Spears

Butch – Henry Irwin, ‘63

             Marshall Whitaker, ‘65

             Eddie Winfield

Noonie – Cleveton Arthur, ‘72

Tip – Willie Topping, ‘68

Crook – William Satterthwaite, ‘63


Posted Fri., July 27, 2007


53.   Can you name the twins who attended BHS?

            Class of 1955 -  Elaine and Yvonne Davis

                        Edward and Edith Mann
Class of 1964 – John and James Swindell

Class of 1974 – Winnifred and  Wilfred* Brewington

Class of 1980 – Kennith & Keith* Holloway

Posted Fri., July 27, 2007

54.  Who provided the architectural specs for the Elementary building for Belhaven High School?

The following question was submitted by Willie Davis, a member of the Class of 1948.
55.  What was the motto of the Class of 1948?


54.  Who provided the architectural specs for the Elementary building for Belhaven High School?

 G. T. Swinson who was serving as Principal of Belhaven High School.  Mr. Swinson graduated from A & T College(later A&T State University) where he received a degree in Architectural Engineering.


55.  What was the motto of the Class of 1948?
       "No Victory Without Labor"

Posted Sun., July 29, 2007


56.   What was the name of the all-girls club at BHS other than the basketball team?   



57.  What was the name of the all-boys club at BHS other than the basketball team?


58.  What was the name of the Honor Club at BHS?  Crown & Scepter with Mrs. Hannah Martin, advisor




59.  What was the name of the Honor Club at JAW?   

Answers below

56.   New Homemakers of America composed of girls who were enrolled in Home Economics courses.  Mrs. Elizabeth Satterthwaite Mrs. Catherine Raspberry McDaniels served as advisors.  During Mrs. McDaniel's leave of absence, Miss Corrine Toomer served as advisor. 



57.  New  Farmers of America; all high school boys were automatically members as they were enrolled in 

agricultural courses.






58.  The honor club at Belhaven High School was the   Crown & Scepter with Mrs. Hannah Martin, advisor.





59.  The Honor Club at JAW was the    Beta Club with Mrs. Mildred W. Hardy, advisor and Mrs. Louise S. Jennette served as advisor to the Junior Beta Club.

Posted Thurs., Aug. 30, 2007


60.  What was the smallest class to graduate from Belhaven High School?

The smallest class was the Class of 1947, the first class.  There were 13 young ladies in that class.

Posted Fri., Oct. 19, 2007


61.  In what year did the first class graduate from Wilkinson High School after the merger with Pantego High School?

62.  Which alumnus was a member of the US Marine Corps Band?

Answers posted below..
61.  Wilkinson and Pantego High Schools were merged during the summer of 1981.  The first senior class to graduate after this merger was the class of 1982.

62.  The late Gary Weston was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps Band.
       Prior to moving to Conneticut with his grandmother as a youth, Gary 
       was in the class of 1968.

Posted Fri., Oct. 19, 2007